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On Being Equally Yoked

Equally YokedIt is concept that is taught often in grade school: when two forces work together, their strength is greater than the sum of their individual parts. This is physically true whether we are talking about the benchpress, a crew team rowing a boat, or two oxen yoked together pulling a cart. Next time you are in the gym do individual dumbbell presses and note the individual weight. A man in good health can usually do 50 to 60 pounds. When this same man lays underneath a barbell to benchpress with both hands on the same bar the weight he does will definitely not be 100 – 120 pounds as simple math might predict. The weight will likely be 185 to 200 pounds for the same amount of reps.
This amazing fact of reality proves to be just as true in the world of relationships. We have all been there. Sometimes things just click. But in relationships there is another variable that comes into play, and that is harmony. For this math defying principle to be true, each individual involved must be in harmony with each other; pushing in the right direction. You can imagine what would happen if you were on a row boat with another person and they were pushing in the opposite direction that you were. The boat would not move. Or if your rowing partner only used one of their arms, your boat would move in a circle. For a team to be effective and working at its potential it must be working together with concerted effort.

Equally yoked is a biblical term that Paul writes about in 2nd Corinthians. In this letter he is advising his reader not to become committed or closely tied someone who does not share the same belief or commitment; or unequally yoked. So to be equally yoked signifies a relationship with shared beliefs, shared commitment, and shared intensity. When a team of professionals are equally yoked we also see this gravity defying math that opens possibilities and presents opportunities not found by individuals or by a team of people without the same synergy.
As a general contractor I must work in teams in many arenas. When all the subcontractors working on a project together share the same sense of commitment and intensity we are able to produce ahead of the production schedule with greater enjoyment and a better finished project. Some of the subcontractors have crews that exemplify this synergy and often far exceed expectation both in quality and time.

One of the most important applications of this concept in the building industry happens in the planning stage when the vision is new, the ideas are fresh, and the relationship is still young. As the design team is being assembled it is so important that architect and builder not only understand the homeowner’s dreams, but that they share them. The homeowner has put a lot of trust in these hired professionals. They are trusting that the design team will present them with all possibilities and will commit to putting the homeowners best interest and tastes ahead of their own desires.    When the homeowners, designers, and builders share a common, consistent vision projects are planned faster and smoother. The team camaraderie is often stronger and this sets the table for a successful and enjoyable building project.


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