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A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm."  — Henrik Isben

Our Mission

The mission of the community builder blog is just as it sounds- to build community. Durham is a vibrant place that thrives on the involvement of its residents. We aim to celebrate the people who make this town what it is- a hub of creative energy. We’re interested in showcasing Durham’s unsung heroes- folks who might not have a title but simply do what they do for the love of doing it.

Although this blog will live on the internet, our intention is for it to spur readers to use it as a means to learn about what their neighbors are doing and then venture out into the community to get involved in those endeavors in a meaningful way. In essence, we hope that this forum will serve to foster real face to face community, not simply be interesting reading material. Although there will be a handful of regular contributors to the blog, we eagerly invite readers to build this ship with us.

We’ll solicit guest content on a variety of subjects, so we encourage you to always be considering the different goings on within your own communities and consider getting active in this forum. We get very excited as we imagine the potential for creative synergy via community builder, and when readers participate as contributors as well, that potential grows exponentially!

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