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How To Keep Your Sanity During Your Renovation: 3 Be Available and Get Educated

The early installments of this series addressed the importance of pre-construction planning, establishing a clear communication process, and finally Being Available and Getting Educated will also help you Keep Your Sanity During Your Renovation.

Be Available

No you can’t go on vacation for the entire renovation project.  There are many decisions to be made and it is important that you are able to monitor and approve of how the details come together.

Get Educated

Ask a lot of Questions.  Not just to check up on your contractor, but mainly so you can use this process to learn more about how your home works and has been built.  You will also feel more comfortable and trusting of your contractor and the work that is being done by asking questions and becoming educated about the construction process.

I hope this short series has provided helpful tips for a smooth, enjoyable renovation.  Look for a related upcoming series entitled “Take the Guesswork out of your Renovation”, where I will offer more tips, tricks, and techniques for a successful renovation project.

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