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How To Keep Your Sanity During Your Renovation: 2 Clear Communication Process

In our first installment, we discussed the importance of the Pre Construction Meeting.  One of the most important items on the agenda for this meeting will be to establish a clear, defined communication process.

Weekly Meetings

Regular communication is important to achieving the desired result, and you will undoubtedly see and talk with your builder regularly, but we recommend sitting down together every week at the same time.  Commit to this weekly meeting even if you are able to available on a daily basis.  This will allow you and your contractor to gather your thoughts, prepare information, and review the myriad of information that is exchanged throughout the project in a controlled way.  We have found that this small time investment will do the most to help you keep your sanity throughout your renovation.

Face to Face is Best

I know text and email are fast and easy, but face to face is most effective.  So much so that we only use email and text to arrange meetings, phone calls, and to transfer data and facts, certainly not opinions.  To Quote Stephen Covey: “if you want to save time, don’t be efficient.  With people, slow is fast and fast is slow.”  Without non-verbal communication, email and text are vulnerable to misinterpretation which can cause confusion and wasted time.

The success of your renovation will be the product of a healthy working relationship between you and your builder.  We have found that this relationship is nurtured through a clear and defined communication process.  If you take the time to formerly establish these simple guidelines for communication you will be well on your way to Keeping Your Sanity During Your Renovation.

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