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How to Keep Your Sanity During Your Renovation: 1 Pre-Construction Planning

I am excited about this ongoing series that we are kicking off.  The thought of a renovation is exhilarating because of the endless possibilities and the hope for a better home.  But for many homeowners, the initial excitement turns to chaos and hopelessness once the renovation starts.  Through the years of guiding homeowners through this journey, we have developed a great system to keep the excitement throughout the entire process.  This series will be some tips from the Innovative playbook.

It all starts with a plan.

Production Schedule

Along with blueprints and contract, each project needs a production schedule which your builder will assemble.  He should have a command over it to insure that the project is completed on time, but you should also be familiar with it as well.  You will feel more at ease during the process if you are already aware of the order that each phase will occur in and the dates on which they will happen.  Your builder will use the schedule to plan production and you will use the production schedule to plan your life around the progress and phases of the project.  You may need to vacate certain rooms and exact times, setup a temporary kitchen, or plan to move out for part of the renovation.

Defined Construction Areas

Renovation projects are dusty and disruptive by definition, but that doesn’t mean that your entire home has to be.  If you will be living in the house during the project, clearly define the construction areas and establish a plan to contain the related dust and debris.  You will enjoy the process much more if you are also able to maintain some privacy and normalcy in your home.

The Pre-Construction Meeting

This sit down face-to-face is paramount to prepare the project for success.  This meeting should review construction documents, production schedules, contracts, and decisions as well as the day to day logistics: what days of the week will work be done? until what time? Who is the primary contact person? How and when will we communicate? etc, etc.  This meeting will likely take a couple of hours and you should not leave with any unanswered questions.  Take the time to communicate any and all expectations to your contractor before the work begins.

These steps may require some extra time and work on your part and your contractors’ part, but they are absolutely critical if you want to Keep Your Sanity During Your Renovation!  Stay tuned for our next installment about how to establish a communication process that works.

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