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Thanks to Blake and his entire crew for doing such a great job and being so helpful throughout the whole process."  — Betty Green

Forest Hills Guest Bathroom Project – Doing it Right

In this video, Blake Anderson discusses some underlying unexpected issues that surfaced during this project and addressing them.

Forest Hills Guest Bathroom Project

In this video, Blake Anderson talks about this latest project- remodeling the downstairs bathroom in this home to make it  accessible and inviting to guests who have mobility issues.

Stone Hackney Markham Project – Refinished Floors

In this video, Blake Anderson shows us an example of the hardwood floors that had been hidden for decades, now restored.

Stone Hackney Markham Project – Porch Screens That are Easy to Maintain

In this Video, Blake talks about the reasons how the porch screens were designed this way to enable simpler maintenance in case of damage.

Stone Hackney Markham Project – Keeping Old Back Door with New Door Frame

In this video, Blake Anderson explains about keeping an old door from the original house while placing it in a new door frame that allows more light in the back door of the newly renovated kitchen- as an illustration of keeping historic charm in a renovation project.

Stone Hackney Markham Project – Matching Old and New Flooring

In this video, Blake Anderson of Innovative Renovation in Durham NC talks about matching up new flooring with the existing flooring.

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