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Bathroom Trends: Shower Stalls

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most active rooms of your home and they are full of fixtures and fashion that will eventually go out of style.  Bathroom renovations are probably one of the most common renovation projects.  Bathrooms seem to be involved in almost every major renovation project, whether it is just a dedicated bathroom project or a large addition.  Some of my clients know exactly the details of their dream bathroom, but many families are unsure of current styles and trends.  And inevitably the topic of “ReSale” comes up in early conversations.  I usually hear statements similar to: “We really don’t bathe in the bath tub, but we probably better keep the garden tub in case we decide to sell.”  As I stated in an earlier article, A Different Take on ReSale, if you do not use a particular feature of your home, the garden tub for instance, chances are very high that the next owner won’t either. So I wanted to take a moment to shed light on some current bathroom trends and important things to keep in mind as you plan your bathroom renovation or addition.

Shower Stalls

The Bigger the Better!  Shower stalls of the past were claustrophobic, upright coffins with low ceilings.  They were damp and moldy.  Today’s shower stalls are large, open, with tall ceilings and plenty of glass.


Frameless Glass is one of the most popular and sought after features of a nice shower stall.  It has a very clean look and allows light to fill a bathroom.  Shower Benches are important, even if it is just a small bench that ladies can use to shave.  Make sure you include a wall niche for toiletries in your design.  It is best to think about your current soaps and bottles and razors to make sure the niche is large enough.  Also think about adding more than one shower head whether body sprays, a ceiling mounted rain shower, a hand shower, and even creating a steam shower.

Stay tuned for more trending design features.

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