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Thanks to Blake and his entire crew for doing such a great job and being so helpful throughout the whole process."  — Betty Green

Bathroom Trends: No No’s!

Building upon the last article of what to do with your bathroom renovation, here is a list of No No’s.


Fiberglass tubs, showers, and surrounds are out.  They can be a great way to solve budgetary problems, and every product has its appropriate applications, but most bathroom renovations are removing these cheap fixtures.  A great way to add style to your bathroom on a budget is to use a basic, inexpensive tile laid in a subway pattern.

Quick and cheap

Never, ever, ever go the quick and cheap route when it comes to your home; especially when water is involved.  Water is an important part of a bath, but can be a home’s worst nightmare.  Many times a leak is not discovered until it is too late.  Take preparation and waterproofing seriously.  A tile shower is an expensive feature and should not a place where you try to save money.  For proper waterproofing and leak prevention use a preformed tile-redi pan or a second layer of waterproofing on top of the custom mortar bed.

Mold and Mildew

Bathrooms are wet and humid and can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  This can be prevented by using moisture resistant drywall, a quality exhaust fan, and stain and mildew resistant grout whether it be a 2 part epoxy grout or quartzlock.  These grouts are more expensive, but a non-negotiable item for a lasting bathroom.

Glass Block

I am not demanding that you tear out an existing glass block window, but current design trends use glass panels and privacy coatings where glass is desired.

DIY Interior Design

Spend the extra few hundred dollars on an interior designer.  You will be exponentially happier with the finished bathroom.  These talented design professionals have a way of coordinating all the colors, fixtures, and finishes that can make your budget look more than it really is.  To prove my point, look at all the hosts of the DIY cable shows; their all interior designers!

Please don’t take these No No’s as a personal insult or the end all be all of bathroom design.  They are really meant to help you understand what we are generally trending away from as you explore the possibilities and begin to plan your bathroom renovation or addition.

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