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Thanks to Blake and his entire crew for doing such a great job and being so helpful throughout the whole process."  — Betty Green

Bathroom Trends: Barriers and Light

Home floor plans are becoming more open and full of light.  Almost all of our renovation projects involve removing walls, opening up rooms, and adding more light; and bathroom renovations are no exception.

Barrier Free

Home design is continuing to remove obstacles and barriers from our living space, bathrooms included, and some families are choosing to eliminate walls, curbs, and glass.  This is an important aspect of “universal design” which keeps accessibility code at the forefront; but barrier-free bathrooms are also being created by homeowners who desire open, free-flowing spaces.  This type of bathroom design does require some extra precautions to keep water in the right areas and moving down the drain because in essence, the entire bathroom is the shower stall.

Tubs are Out!

As a culture, we are choosing to create larger, more comfortable shower stalls at the expense of the tub.  It is important that your home have atleast one bathtub, but the master bath does not have to be the place for it.  If your bathroom has plenty of room for a large shower stall, a double vanity, and a space to change clothes then you can consider adding a bathtub.  Freestanding tubs have never lost their appeal and are definitely trending now.  They are not cheap, but they do look great.  I am simply commenting on societal trends, but if bathing is an important part of your routine, or a great way for you to unwind and relax, then by all means, keep it.  What I want readers to take away from this article is that you should focus on creating spaces that help you live life to its fullest.  It is a shame to see homeowners make large investments in their homes and still not have what they want or need.


Light is has always been important to home design, but it is a much higher priority in the budget now.  We are adding more natural light with sky lights, solar tubes, and larger windows.  Bathroom lighting plans are much more involved now as well.  Rather than just a light in the exhaust fan and one over the mirror, specialty lighting fixtures like additional wall sconces, hanging pendants, and additional recessed cans have become an essential part of bathroom design.

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms of the house and they are also one of the selling points of house which has made them one of the most common rooms to renovate.  I hope these tips and trends are helpful as you plan your bathroom projects.  Always remember when you are planning any renovation project, cross check anything you hear or read against what feels right and what will best serve your desired lifestyle.

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