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Why Us?

Does it feel like your home was designed for someone else?

That’s because, chances are, it WAS.  The fact is, if your home is more than 10 years old it is more than likely designed for a lifestyle that you simply don’t lead anymore. Additions and subtractions to households, layout styles, and even the way you interact with technology all have a significant impact on the way you use your space, and what you really need from it.

Research has proven that the physical space you occupy has a profound impact on your experiences within it. When the space you are in does not support you, you experience increased stress and have less energy to focus on what’s important.

Why is it so important your builder take the time to really understand what you want?

At innovative Renovation, we believe the best spaces for you to live and work in are those that are built with your specific needs and desires in mind.  We sit down and do a thorough discovery and needs analysis process to determine the perfect space for you, before the first permit is pulled and the first nail is driven.

What do you mean when you say you expect your clients to take an active role in this process?

We are committed to making sure the entire process from beginning to end is as smooth and effortless as possible.

It is important that you remain a part of the conversation about how the project is developing throughout.

How Do We Do It?

After an initial consultation, some builders may simply advise the prospective client to “come back to me when you have a completed set of building plans and the money to do the project.”  This part of the planning process often seems tricky and riddled with wasted time.

The service that we provide at Innovative Renovation starts long before the first nail is driven or the permits are pulled. We facilitate all parts of the planning process from procuring financing, ensuring that the architectural design works within your budget, to city zoning and permitting.

We engage every client with a unique 5 step process that establishes the planning and communication processes, which we believe are the 2 most important aspects of a construction project.

We walk our clients through what can be a complicated series of steps, decisions, and transactions.

We engage our experienced TEAM of EXPERTS to take every detail from start to finish.

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