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Thanks to Blake and his entire crew for doing such a great job and being so helpful throughout the whole process."  — Betty Green

A Different Take on ReSale


I hear it every time without fail: “we need to be careful that we don’t spend more than we can get back when we sell our home,” or “what will a potential buyer think of what we have done.” Oh, did I mention that these concerns are usually voiced after the homeowner has stated that they plan on living in this home indefinitely; meaning there will probably never be another buyer. Ok fine, anything is possible, for the sake of the next 5 minutes let’s leave open the possibility of ReSale.

Most of my clients are spending 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars on their renovation/addition projects; a big decision and one of the largest purchases that they will ever make. It is certainly important to make a smart investment in one of your largest investments, your home, but how much money are you willing to spend to NOT get what you want? I’m not encouraging impulsiveness or fool-hardy spending habits by any means. But if you spend a significant amount of money on your home and it doesn’t truly improve your health, enjoyment, or quality of life was it really worth it? New “stuff” will not always be new. When excitement and “shine” of a renovation wear off, it is important that the changes made still serve the homeowner. A client of mine asked me to help her start planning a kitchen renovation/addition project with her. She did a lot of cooking and her kitchen was small, outdated, and poorly designed. I asked home designer James Morgan, Bella Domus, to assist in these discussions. James came up with a great design. It was an efficient design that would revolutionize her home and her ability to comfortably cook and entertain and it was budget conscious as well. She was initially excited, but eventually the fear of resale and spending so much money sank in. She eventually tabled the project because she was worried about her ability to sell the home after putting so much money into it. I respected her concerns, but I will never forget the sage advice the James gave her through this question: “Will you be able to sell your home if you don’t make these changes?” Her kitchen did not work for her, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t work for potential buyers either.

It is also very easy to let fear convince us into caving into the “what if” and catering to a mystery man who may or may not even exist. “What will buyers think about this? We don’t want this to jeopardize resale.” It is this one size fits all thinking that has dominated track home design and become a great frustration to those homeowners. While trying to design a home that can fit “everyone”, homes are created that fit No One. Many homeowners are worried about what potential buyers will think. If this describes your worries and reluctance to create a home that really works for you, I have some really good news for you: if you are thinking it, chances are a potential buyer will too. If you don’t use your bath tub and want to get rid of it, most likely a potential buyer will want it gone as well. If the lack of a screen porch is preventing you from enjoying your backyard, I am guessing that it will also prevent a buyer from enjoying the back yard as well. If your current kitchen doesn’t work for you, there is a high probability that it won’t work for the next homeowner either. If your worry over resale is dominating your renovation plans stop and do 2 things. 1 Remember that if you are thinking it, a potential buyer will too; and 2 ask yourself, “Will you be able to sell your home if you don’t make these changes?”

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